Design process

ESTREMA fulminea design process started with the dream of combining extreme performance with advanced active aerodynamics and indisputable Italian flair.
Form follows function, but in our opinion both elements must merge into a shape that combines harmonic proportions with innovative and unique styling elements.
The process starts with the first doodles and moves to more defined sketches in the early stages.
This is a truly fascinating phase of the process, where ideas and dreams are put on paper in an artistic way.
Then the initial forms are brought into 3D surface modeling for more detailed analysis and renderings.
The Styling research process is entering a new phase, where graphic elements and details are added and evaluated.


The process continues with detailed aerodynamic CFD tests aimed to verify the most important features of an extreme performance car.
Active aerodynamic elements like the front variable air intake and the retractable rear wing will optimize drag, downforce and other parameters according to speed and type of utilization.


There is nothing more authentic in our modern world than hardware, the “confirmation model” of our ideas converted into virtual mathematical data.
It is just a work in progress, but it looks like contemporary art, or a 3D geographical map with its contour lines, or the fascinating terraced rice fields of Southeastern Asia … just let the fantasy unwind!
A digital model can never quite compensate for a physical model.
To the human eye, the sensory experience of a “hardware” shape is where you really feel whether proportions work or not.

Taking shape… ..and colour

1:5 Model

1:1 Model