Why “fulminea”?

Fulminea is an Italian adjective, feminine and singular. It means instantaneous or lightning fast. It recalls the lightning bolt, like the one proudly bearing the colours of the Italian flag embedded in the ESTREMA shield. But the lightning bolt is also a symbol for electric power and high voltage, that perfectly suits our creation. Fulminea is our signature and we have chosen to write it down in minuscule italic handwriting, to emphasize the fact that is an adjective and also because minuscule letters are faster to handwrite

Azzurro Savoia

Why Azzurro?
You can have it in any colour, as long as it’s Azzurro!
Of course we’re kidding, paraphrasing a famous quote from Henry Ford!
Fulminea will be of course fully customizable in order to meet the tastes of the most demanding customers.
But as launch colour we have chosen a bright azure iridescent shade to match the dark pattern of carbon fiber, inspired by the wonderful shades of azurite crystals.
We have named it Azzurro Savoia  because, before becoming the official jersey colour of Italy’s national teams, it identified the House of Savoy since 1366.
ESTREMA Fulminea will be assembled by hand by highly qualified specialists in Modena, the heart of the Italian Motor Valley.